Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can you pay the HOA fees on the site? If so where exactly is it, I'm not seeing it.
    Payments are processed by our management company, Bono & Associates. CLICK HERE to get to the secure site.

  • What do I need an ARC Approval for?
    Any exterior change requires approval by the sub association & master association by use of the ARC Form- This is available by accessing the Forms Tab option on the menu list. Please drop off your ARC form and as much supporting material as possible in the mailbox at the guard house. Helpful to include: Drawings, color swatches, material samples, and for physical changes such as pools, screen enclosures, landscape changes, a copy of your current survey, changes marked with measurements. This helps the committee easily make decisions without coming back to you for more detail.
  • Can I paint my house the same color without approval?
    No. Even painting your home the same existing color requires submission of the ARC Form for review to ensure the color is in compliance with current approved colors within the community.

  • Can I paint first and then submit an ARC application?
    No. You run the risk of colors not being approved and then having to repaint at your expense again. It’s not fun to paint twice.

  • If I get a letter stating I have exterior maintenance that requires attention, can I ignore the letter?
    No. Ignoring a letter by the association may result in more costly remedies than just responding to the letter to solve the problem at hand. Communication is key. If you are in a situation which requires additional time than what is provided in the notice received- please contact management to request an extension. Proper notes can be placed on the file to limit additional notices in the interim.

  • How do I operate the new gate system?
    We are in the process of onboarding a new gate system as of August, 2020. The new system will provide additional features such as virtual keys for your guests, the ability to "swipe to open" the gate from your smartphone, video calls with your guests so you can see who's visiting, and more! Please make sure you've provided your email address to our management company so that you'll be able to receive the account creation information when the new system is in final stages of preparation. Instructional videos will be provided to help everyone through the process. Don't worry, if you don't have a smartphone, the system will function just as our current panel does today.
  • My name or contact information is missing, incorrect, or I would like to change it. How can I do this?
    The information contained on the gate access control system is based on your resident information on-file at Bono & Associates. If you do not have an entry in the gate directory, this means we have no phone number on file for you. Please contact Chelsea using the "contact" menu above and provide her with your current information and we'll update the gate system accordingly.
  • How much information does the gate directory share with my guests?
    The new system will allow you to choose what information is shared with your guests. Stay tuned for more instructional videos!
  • What happened to the codes that just let me in?
    With the new system, you will be able to create "Virtual Keys." These will be sent to your guests and will open the gates during the times/dates you specify. You can also use "swipe to open" with your smartphone. Directory dialing options will remain available with "dial 9" functionality to open for those without smartphones. Your car remotes, cards, and keyfobs will continue to function as before. As with the prior system, numeric codes will not be available.
  • Where can I obtain entry credentials?
    Homeowners are responsible for their individual guests and who they grant access to our community. We do understand that there are times when you will not be available to respond to a guest's request for entry. Homeowners are allowed up to 10 RFID credentials to use as they choose. HHE is providing an initial card for your convenience and to get everyone started with the new system. Credentials are unique and assigned to each household. You can provide cards to family, friends, housekeeper, pet sitter, houseguests, etc. You are responsible for your issued cards and must notify our property manager if your credential is lost or stolen. If you do not notify management for lost cards to be deactivated, you may not be able to add additional cards if you need them. Bono & Associates will be able to help if you've lost a credential and maintains a full record of all your assigned devices. Your registered numbers are embossed on your cards/keyfobs. (please note, the numbers printed on your cards are NOT access codes. They are serial numbers that simply identify your card)
  • Please contact management to purchase new credentials.
    • Pricing for entry credentials
    • Remotes-$40  (your existing remotes will continue to work)
    • Cards-$10
    • Keyfobs-$10
      • Both cards and keyfobs are water resistant, but please do not wear while swimming.

  • Please note, the only credentials we provide support for are those supplied by the management company. You may, at your discretion, program "learning" remotes such as Homelink in your car. This only works with your push-button remote, not cards or keyfobs. Instructions can be found in your vehicle's operation manual. Any support issues with Homelink should be raised to your dealership. 
  • The HOA does not provide individual programming or learning remote support for third-party remotes.

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